Barking Up the Trees

I chose Botany as minor subject for graduation. I had made the choice without really understanding what I was going to study. I was in for a pleasant shock and surprise. Botany remains the only subject I studied with a lot of interest [now that my children have completed their studies, this can be told!]. My Botany Professors Mr Battiwala, a disciplinarian, created immense interest about the subject. My regret in life is that I did not study the subject further at post grad level.

Prof Mr Battiwala once asked me to observe the bark of each tree. I recently noted beautiful lines of bark on a tree and remembered him.

Taking quick photographs of barks became a hobby.

Here are some....

And here is one with a growth on the trunk. Is that a Lichen? Or a fungus? Do tell me if you know.

Vivek S Patwardhan

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