A Clicker on the Prowl

The problem with having a smartphone in hand is that it makes you a clicker. Not using the word ‘photographer’ is intentional as you will readily appreciate.

We set out to go to London. Wimbledon is where we wanted to join our son and his family. The star attraction was the granddaughter.

A nervous traveller like me reaches early enough to have a lot of free time. It has dual advantage. It bores my wife and she prefers to take a quick nap leaving me free to take snaps.

Amateur photographers [Clickers, why elevate them in status?] prefer anything which shows symmetry.

And a row of anything. Sometimes lines catch the eye.

Then some bright ideas come literally when they spot some lights.

Vijay Tendulkar said that ‘Every man is a tiger on prowl in search of his prey.’ Insightful! Quite obviously it applies even to photographers, hmmm…., clickers!

And finally a family photograph. Mandatory. It keeps your smartphone safe!


Vivek S Patwardhan

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