Some Uneasy Thoughts, All My Own!

And here are some uneasy thoughts which I would like to share:
-       Like some actresses do not allow their photographs to be taken when they grow old. I think Dev Anand should take a cue from them. And he should stop talking of his heroines.
-       Like one has to decide whether he should stay young a la Dev Anand or gracefully grow old like Amitabh.
-       Like they say everything is that you do or say is autobiographical; and I felt so while writing the lines above!
-       Like talking of actresses [this is an old world word, these days everybody is called actor], I have developed healthy respect for Deepika Padukone. I read that she proactively closed her cold war with Katrina.  
-       Like sinking of INS Vindhyagiri was a tragic event, so is the crash of the helicopter at Nashik.
-       Like I wonder sometimes whether there is a common thread in all these events. The common thread could be sabotage, or it could be corruption.
-       Like Raja’s arrest comes so late that one wonders whether the evidence is still available. The slow and steady might win the race, but not if it is the Government.
-       Like my morning cup of tea is swallowed with a dose of corruption news flashed on the first page of the newspapers.
-       Like the India today is like INS Vindhyagiri. Listed but not yet sunk. Hit by a commercial vessel. Just as Navy did not declare the ship as sunk, our leaders are also turning a ‘Nelson’s Eye’ to the injury inflicted on the nation by corruption.

-       Like when I watch Egypt crisis on CNN I feel that this could happen here too.

-       And what makes me uncomfortable is that I secretly wish that it should happen here too!

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