Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Evening walk with the young lady

We decide to go out for a walk. I say [all conversations in Marathi] 'let us go out, are you coming with me?'

Our young lady just nods her head, she is very pleased. She takes out her pair of sandals and tries putting her feet in it. She is not good at it, she struggles but does not ask for help, so I volunteer to help. She is now ready.

A flying kiss to her grandma and then we are in the lift. She says ‘khaali, khaali’ [down] to the liftman who understands and obliges by pressing 'L' button.

We come out, the watchman waves and says ‘Good morning mhan, baby’ [Say Good Morning, Baby]. She just smiles at him.
‘Pijaan payje, bhu bhu payje’ [show me a pigeon and a dog] she orders. ‘Okay, I will get them in front of you.’ I say.

There are plenty of pigeons and stray dogs in the vicinity. She runs after a pigeon. ‘What is he doing?’ I ask her. ‘Danaa, danaa’ [grains] she says and signals that he is eating it. She moves closer, and pigeon flies away. She watches pigeon fly away. This surprises her. But it does not disappoint her.

The dog is another story. She stays away from the dog. Instinctively she knows that it is safe to stay away. Dogs also have not discovered this lovely lady so far. So it suits her.

Now she spots a crow perched on a tree nearby.

‘Kau, kau’ she mimics. Crows go about the business in their own way. Then she draws my attention to another crow. This is a smaller one is sitting on a small branch above the first crow. ‘Tyacha baal aahe?’ [Is that his baby?’] she asks me. I nod saying yes. She smiles at this father and daughter [or son?] duo in the crow family.

We move ahead and see a red car. She inspects it closely. Her dad has a red car too. Then she concludes that it was not her dad’s car. I do not know how she came to this conclusion, but she was right.

She spots an aeroplane. ‘Bimaan, bimaan’ she shouts. Yes she is right again; I too spot an aeroplane in the sky. Machines seem to be of interest to her, the site of a flying machine excites her.

‘Thelithopther’ [Helicopter] she says, perhaps she is enquiring why it is not there up in the sky. Every day Singhanias fly a helicopter at about 11 am to reach Raymonds in Thane, she has seen it many times. But they are obviously unaware of this little admirer of their asset. ‘Thelithopther’ [Helicopter] she shouts now, demanding to see one. Pigeons, Crows are not enough; a helicopter is what she wants to see.

For the first time, I feel bad about not owning a helicopter! The price of a helicopter would far exceed my lifetime earnings!! So I tell her ‘Udyaa, balaa, udyaa’ [I will show you one tomorrow, baby]. I know I will have to say this to many of her demands.

We return home. ‘Aajoba, Thelithopther, udyaa’ [Grandfather will show me a helicopter tomorrow] she tells her grandmother.

My young lady is cheerful, lives in the present and so optimistic, taking words of her grandpa to be true. She thinks her grandpa will make her every wish come true.

Her grandpa is rooted in the past, regretting that he is unable to fulfil many a desire of his grand-daughter, though he does not take her helicopter remarks seriously, it just makes him pensive once again battling with his dilemma: whether he failed or succeeded in life.

Rising and Setting stars see the two different worlds indeed!



BK Chowla, said...

At this age, grandparents can spend rest of their lives with such young ladies. These kids are too sharp. May be she will remind you of the helicopter soon

Ugich Konitari said...

A thousand moons
ago , maybe,
he ,
a Star,
looked wide eyed
at trains
rumbling by
as he walked to school,
a stone here,
waving a stick
at a branch,
troubling a
resting dog;
only to
rise and twinkle
at college
and then ,
in life and work
a Whorl of Color
a Rangoli of Words.

Today's stars,
still learning
to mix
the Colors of Life,
their minds,
like the birds,
to fly...

And they stand
on the shoulders
of the Older Stars,
enjoying the blue,
and the white,
and the green,
a Thelithopther Life,
a wonderful exciting
applauded rise
with a rotating vision
taking it all in
while streaking through
a sunny morning...

Old Stars don't set;
Their shoulders are the
Cape Canaveral
for the new
Rising Stars.....

Nu said...

Suranga's last lines summed it all up :

Old Stars don't set;
Their shoulders are the
Cape Canaveral
for the new
Rising Stars.....

Lovely young lady there :)and she is positive and she trusts her grand father :)

komal said...

When the little lady grows up...what she will remember is... these walks..with her beloved grandpa...who was listening ...observing...smiling....some day she might actually ride a helicopter on her own...but only her grandpa could give her these lovely memories...the ones she will cherish forever...

If that aint success, I dont know what is....

Swatantra said...

That was a nice post Sir!! Young Lady is very cute and i am amazed with her world of vocabulary. I am sure when she will grow up she will cherish the moment of seeing the helicopter rather than having it..

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Thanks Mr Chowla, ugich konitari [you made my day by writing such a beautiful poem!], Nu, Komal and Swatantra.


manjujoglekar said...

Lovely post, Vivekji! Nice to read about your enjoyable evening walk with your granddaughter.

As the others have said, success is not in owning a helicopter, success is in these beautiful memories...

Reflections said...

huh...I thought i posted a comment here;-(

AD said...

Chanced upon your blog today and this is a lovely post. Its makes me reflect on the bond between grandkids and grandparents, it one of a kind :-) I wish I lived closer to my parents/in laws for my daughter to bond with them.

Vrishali said...

hello sir,

She looks so... sweet and different.